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The Sixties, very roughly the period between the end of the 1956 – 62 Campaign (waged by the IRA and Saor Ulaidh) and the intensification of the Provisionals’ War in Northern Ireland in the early seventies, was an irregular period in Irish political life.

This irregular period was, irregularly, a time when all the categories of Irish politics, from the nation to the polity, from Hibernianism to Republicanism, from Socialism to Unionism were actively thought about and fought over, in the streets and the pubs of Ireland, and in the dreams of Irishmen and Irishwomen.

That is the background to the stories contained in this book, which attempt to show how the irregularity of those times was answered in the name of the poor and the powerless and the rights of the people of Ireland by a group of men of no property and no name, or of many names:—the IRREGULARS.

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Book Contents

Chapter One: God Save The Queen

Chapter Two: Theology

Chapter Three: The Pillar

Chapter Four: The Other Cheek

Chapter Five: Altar Ego

Chapter Six: Hoax Calls

Chapter Seven: Banns

Chapter Eight: In The Woods

Chapter Nine: Frankie The Striker

Chapter Ten: Three Nations

Chapter Eleven: The Vault

Chapter Twelve: Aid For Small Farmers

Chapter Thirteen: The Wall

Chapter Fourteen: Chastity

Chapter Fifteen: Two Off Mister

Chapter Sixteen: The Expelled

Chapter Seventeen: Esso Blue

Chapter Eighteen: Codicil

Chapter Nineteen: Revolutionary Citiphiliacs


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