Liam Sutcliffe: Funeral & Commemoration, Videos and Photos

Irish patriot, life-long Republican activist, Liam Sutcliffe died on Friday November 3, 2017. He will be sorely missed.

The funeral of Liam Sutcliffe (41 secs), filmed by Gabriel Cleary

One month after his death, on Sunday December 3, 2017, Liam Sutcliffe's life in the struggle to achieve a 32 county Irish Socialist Republic, was commemorated.

Commemorating Liam Sutcliffe (28 secs), filmed by Bart Hoppenbrouwers

Commemorating Liam Sutcliffe (16 secs), filmed by Bart Hoppenbrouwers

One of the flags carried in the commemoration was that of the Dublin Brigade of the Irish Republican Army.

Fifty-one years before, at Easter 1966, it was carried on a march celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Rising, and led to baton charges when the Gardaí made futile attempts to seize it. No enraged Gardaí or branchmen this time, though some of those who were imprisoned for defending it then were marching behind it again. An account of that incident can be found in Chapter 4 of The Irregulars.

march begins

The March begins

enter Mount Jerome

Entering Mount Jerome Cemetary

Noel Redican singing 'The Croppy Boy'

Noel Redican singing "The Croppy Boy"

Stephen Murney speaking

Stephen Murney Speaking