Apparently, An Apparition!

Apparently, An Apparation!

 Tommy Byrne, having been introduced by Larry Benson, lecturing on the Minahane Diktat that Knock is a Load of Cock, in Club uí Chadhain in 1991.

Whereby, as ever, hangs a tale…

On a Sunday morning later in the same year Benson was sitting at the club bar counter with a pint in front of him and a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. He was perusing the Sunday Tribune and shaking his head. "If Charlie lets these fucking PD'ers have their way they'll turn Fianna Fail into a fucking conservative party," he shouted to Frank O'Donnell and Shea Lindsay who were seated across from the bar with their backs to the wall.

"That's it, no taxes for the rich...."agreed O'Donnell.

"And capitalism for the poor..." added Lindsay.

"What's Larry saying?" asked Lindsay.

"I haven't a fucking idea," answered O'Donnell. He looked up at Benson and looked again. There was something strange about the way the cigarette was sitting in his mouth. "Shea have a look at Larry."

Lindsay stared. "Jaysus, his face is gone all to one side."

"He's having a stroke," announced O'Donnell. He jumped up as Benson's leg began shaking on the bar stool. "Tommy, I think Larry is having a stroke." he said to the barman. The barman stared for a second and then ran to the phone.

"Its alright Larry," assured Lindsay removing the cigarette from Benson's skewed lips, "Tommy has called an ambulance."

Within minutes two ambulance paramedics rushed in. "Jesus, Tommy!!" shouted the driver to the barman. "Its Tommy from the border," he said to his colleague who was shining a torch into Benson's pale blue eyes. "How is he?"

"He's had a stroke alright but he'll live. We'll have to get him to hospital."

"When I finish me pint," slurred Benson out of the corner of his sagging mouth.

"Well in that case, Tommy put me on two pints please." said the ambulance driver.