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In 1967 Republican Activists, Frank O’Donnell and Mick Murphy, were involved in an altercation outside O’Donnell’s house in Gardiner Place, with a number of Detective Sergeants of the Irish Political Police (also known as Harriers, or Branchmen), including one who is known to our historical selves as Festy Spratt, the Slug.

At the end of that scrap O’Donnell and Murphy found themselves in possession of what has become an historical artefact - Spratt’s Notebook, the Branchman’s Book Of Names.

Pretty much everybody who was anybody in those days, on the Left and Republican side of the Irish poltiical pitch, is in the Book; name, address, age and distinguishing marks, all noted there with malice aforethought and malicious intent.

Over fifty years later we’ve finally thought to share this gem with archaeologists and historians of the period. So here it is.

We’ve also taken the opportunity, in an introduction accompanying the Notebook, to delve back into the lives and times of our friends and enemies from those days; the Irregulars and the Branchmen who chased after them. This is a work in progress, which has a way to go before we can call it finished. But at least it has progressed this far. And again, here it is.

Anyone left out of the Notebook who feels badly done thereby should take the matter up with Festy. Its nothing to do with us.

Introduction: His Book Of Names


1: The Bare Bones Of Its Provenance

2: The Naked Truth Of Its Context

3: The Plain Tale Of A Plain Man Is No Plain Sailing

4: An Anti-Revisionist Interlude Ends

5: On Grattan Bridge On A Dull Grey Day

6: The Collectors

7: The Burial Of The Sardine

8: The Same Year's Pangs In Summerhill

9: A Musical Interlude

10: The Holy Rosary Crusade

11: A Mole In The Holy Of Holies

12: Pogue McMahone

13: A Treatise On The Arte Of Poesy

14: Legion Of The Van Guard

15: On A Slop Spilled Snot Stained Counter

Complete Scan Of The Branchman's Notebook

Pages 1 - 51

Work In Progress, Introduction & Scan Of The Branchman's Notebook Together In PDF Book

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